HBO’s ‘Young Pope’ has a complicated relationship with the patriarchy

Image: hbo

The Young Pope
, staring Jude Law, primed for the meme spotlight since its inception, has now inspired a blessed series of tweets from @maddiesayswhat in which the Holy Father, who is not old, rails against the patriarchy.

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Beyond the above, here are some quotes from “The Young Pope”:

1) The past is an enormous place, with all sorts of things inside. Not so with the present. The present is merely a narrow opening, with room for only one pair of eyes. Mine.

2) A good person is somebody who puts himself last, who renounces his own temptations and needs, working only for the interests of others.

3) You can’t measure love with numbers, you can only measure it in terms of intensity. In terms of blind loyalty to the imperative.

4) Brother cardinals, we need to go back to being prohibited. Inaccessible and mysterious. That’s the only way we will once again become desirable. That’s the only way great love stories are born. And I don’t want any more part-time believers. I want great love stories. I want fanatics for God. Because fanaticism is love.

5) It’s surprising to see how a young woman, just moments after having a child, can be transformed into a mother.

6) Goodness, unless combined with imagination, runs the risk of being mere exhibitionism.

Check out the series on HBO.  Season one first aired Jan and February of 2017.